Hazim Faris : The Violin Lover and Composer. B. A in Music – College of Fine Arts – Baghdad University

Hazim Faris was born in Basra – Iraq in 1971. At the age of five, Hazim started his initial lessons in playing on the violin and lute at the hands of his teacher and elder brother Hashim K. Makki, who was a singer and a player of both instruments.

The little Hazim had a beautiful voice that enabled him to sing famous Iraqi and Arab songs by the late Iraqi artist Saadi Albayati, Amal Khudheir and the late Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum. Hazim started to take part in parties and festivals held in Basra . He fell in love with the music class when he was at grade one of his primary school. He learnt by heart all national songs and used to help his class mates learn before their teacher showed up. The teacher noticed that and assigned to him the task of helping his classmates learn the songs and anthems.

He began to compose lyrics and tunes by himself. Very soon, Hazim took the position of the orchestrator. On one occasion, he surprised the audience by carrying a small violin . Then, he gave the sign to the group to start a song “I love my school”.

At the age of six, his brother discovered that Hazim was a talented actor. He introduced him to the artists of TV and theatre in Basra. Hazim started acting plays, among which were “A moon, a night and a ship”, and “The son of a martyr”.

Hazim participated in several contests and festivals in Iraq and won many prizes among which:

– Playing on the violin – Baghdad – 1984 – He won the first prize. The jury consisted of famous musicians and was headed by the late composer Muneer Basheer along with the late musician Rohy Alkhamash.

– First prize of the Kurdish song Festival, Dahuk, 1985. (violin)

– First prize of the Spring Festival in Nineveh – (Mosul) – Iraq – 1992.

– Babel International Festivals – (1994 – 1995 – 1997 – 1999).

– First Youth Song Festival – Baghdad – 2000.

– AlFihas Festival – Jordan – 2000.

– Dubai Shopping Festival – UAE – 2002.

– Shanas Festival – Oman – 2004.

– Doha Seventh and Ninth Festivals, Qatar – 2005 – 2007.

– Winner of the Medal of Her Highness princess Wijdan of Jordan – Amman – 2003.

– La Palette Du Monde , France, La Bourboul Auguste 2012 .

– Sodra teater , Sweden , Stockholm , October 2012 .

-Al-Malouf festival , Kasantina  – algerien 2013 .

– Together we can prevent extremism and violence festival , Malmo, Sweden – May 2016 .

– Tunes for Hope and Harmony festival of tigris birds , Stockholm – Sweden – October 2016 .

Hazim composed many pieces and presented them in an album, entitled “ 1001violin nights ”. The album was recorded in Istanbul with the musical troupe of the famous Turkish singer, Ibrahim Tatlises. The album consisted of 13 pieces in which the artist employed an interesting mixture of western and eastern instruments that represented a very beautiful painting reflecting various personalities. Hazim presented many papers and works on music, heritage of nations, including, for example, a paper on “The Songs of Fishermen in Basra”, which was his graduation research for the B. A. degree in music. Further, he composed other works, entitled, “The Hero”, “The Old man” and a collection of short stories, “Once upon a Time”.

Hazim composed the music of many lyrics for Iraqi and Arab singers including, without limitation, Safaa Faris, Majid Almuhandes, Haitham Yusef, Salah hasan, Khalid Alzawahra, Bashar AlSarhan, Fahad AlAmir, Diana Haddad, Huda Haddad and Adel Khamis.

– Hazim has been instructor of the rules of music for the participants of Gulf Stars program presented by Nojoom 2 channel – Dubai (2006 – 2009).

Educational Qualifications:

– B. A in Music – College of Fine Arts – University of Baghdad, 1996 – 1997.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

– Solo player on the piano, violin and lute.

– Maestro of musical groups.

– Instructor of solo group singing.

– Instructor of Arabic and western musical theories

– Instructor of musical instruments

– Instructor of playing on the piano, violin and lute.

– Musical critic and analyst.

– Instructor of methods of research in music and peoples heritage.

Hazim composed music for many Iraqi and Arab serials and plays including:

– Dreams of a woman in her twenties, 1992, directed by Majeed Hameed – University of Baghdad.

– Shakespeare, a play presented by students of the college of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1993, directed by Ishtar Bagdadi

– Othello, presented by the students of the college of Fine Arts – in Baghdad, 1995, directed by Amirah Fadhil,

– Our children are fine, a play presented by the Family Group – Sharjah Supreme Council of Family Affairs – UAE, directed by Khalidah Majeed, 2011.

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